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Middle East course for Aesthetics MECA

Middle East course for Aesthetics MECA was established with an aim to pioneer healthcare education for the Middle East region. The aim is earnest, yet simple. It is to provide quality education, committed trainers, state-of the art technology and continuously improvising teaching methodology in order to produce the best-of-the-best physicians in aesthetic and dermatologic surgery.

MECA aims to venture into a specialized training arena in order to provide a gateway for Education and Expertise in the field of Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatologic surgery, Anti Aging Medicine and many other unique and super specialized field of medical science
To lead the education and development of Aesthetic Medicine in the Middle East
To be a key opinion leader helping to regulate the practice of Aesthetic Medicine in the middle east;
To offer accredited and structured courses of international caliber in Aesthetic Medicine for physicians and their assistants
To ensure the training modules, technology & equipments are in up to global developments;
To ensure the modules are delivered in an organized and timely manner;
To combine conventional and online teaching methodology to facilitate the doctors who are studying while working;
To host and provide avenue for key opinion leaders to converge, share and develop their resources in Aesthetic Medicine

To ensure every practitioner is familiar with Aesthetic Medicine regulations and the medical code of ethics.
To ensure Middle East doctors are skilled and knowledgeable in diagnosing, prescribing and performing Aesthetic Medical procedures safely and efficiently.
To ensure Middle East doctors are able to perform Aesthetic Medical procedures confidently and independently.
To have revisited and refreshed their pre-medical knowledge, including anatomy, physiology and basic dermatology.
To have gained a better insight into medico legal issues and proceedings.
To have improvised their business acumen, marketing skills and financial operations.
To serve qualify Aesthetic Physicians of International standards.

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