Platelet Rich Plasma course

Platelet Rich Plasma course

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: Course Objectives

Thoroughly understand and become proficient in the following areas:

  1. Learn specifically the kinds of wrinkles, tissue damage, aesthetic enhancements, alopecia indications, and pain areas that can be improved using the various types of PRP technology available and injection techniques for correction.
  2. Understand the other uses for PRP including medical, aesthetic  and alopecia treatment. Receive the protocols to each of these treatments and understand when these treatments would be appropriate.
  3. Become knowledgeable to the pros and cons of the various spin methods (single spin/dual spin) and the clinical validity of the treatment.
  4. Gain specific knowledge as to the component factor of platelet rich plasma, clinical validity of PRP, aesthetic uses for PRP, alopecia treatments, and the use of PRP for male and female sexual dysfunction.
  5. Understand the various FDA Approved protocols associated with PRP therapy including recommended indications, dosing, areas for treatment, and in combination with other tissue augmentation therapies.
  6. Acquire the technical skill to perform all the various types of injections for the face and neck, décolleté, and hands.
  7. Understand the pros and cons, and when to use PRP therapy with your patients.
  8. Learn how to properly and effectively present the various options to your patients including explaining likely results and setting expectations.


Platelet Rich Plasma Training (Aesthetic) – Agenda


Overview Component Factor of platelet-rich-plasma; what is platelet rich plasma?  Growth factors, stem cell markers, and other cytokines within PRP, and Major Steps for Activation. Review of (2) FDA approved PRP preparation processes, PRP Kit Differences, Dual Spin vs Single Spin. Clinical validity of platelet-rich-plasma, Patient Indications for Treatment (Expectations)

Indications for PRP Medical Therapies, Relative Contraindications, Procedure in preparation of Platelet rich Plasma, Injection Charts & Dosages, Review for correct placement, safety and techniques.


Hands-On Sessions: Small group breakout sessions with live patients. Attendees will have the option to administer PRP injections for different indications and show proficiency in review of treatment and injection technique and administration.